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33 inch Conus 1, 1,700 Lb Curved Tapered Bale Spear w/Doublenut® No Sleeve, S336CXJ

The S336CXJ is 33 inch Conus 1, 1,700 lb tapered bale spear with a crooked design allowing it to drop down to ground level. Used in rock or manure buckets.

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33 inch Conus 1 bale spear is 33″ x 1.375″. It’s a tapered bale spear coming with the Doublenut®. It has a curved profile as a result, it drops to ground level. Thus, commonly used in rock buckets and manure buckets. In this case it’s square shank also allow multi-directional mounting. Furthermore it’s 1,700 lb rating is tested @ a 30″ load center including a (1) one year warranty.

Additional information

Weight 8.000 lbs
Dimensions 33.000 × 1.375 × 1.375 in


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