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Our most popular series of spears, this square spear is offered in 8 different part numbers. HAYSTIX® come in a variety of  lengths and diameters designed to fit any application.

49TXJ, 1.75 X 49 TAPERED HAYSTIX,BALE SPEAR,144T SLEEVE $100.00 each
48SX, 1.625 X 48 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX,155 SLEEVE $90.00 each
48BX, 1.625 X 48 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX,155BU BRACKET $100.00 each
49SX, 1.75 X 49 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX,175 SLEEVE $95.00 each
39TXJ, 1.75 X 39 TAPERED HAYSTIX,144T SLEEVE,M30,JN15 $80.00 each
55TXJ,1.75 X 55 TAPERED HAYSTIX,144T,M30,JN15 $105.00 each

Pro-Link offers a wide array of ITA Class 2, Class 3, Bucket Mounted, and Shaft Mounted Forks!  With added strength in the heel and a great price, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value.  Capacity ranges from 3,000 lbs to 10,000 lbs and standard lengths in 42″, 48″, 60″ and 72″ we can meet most basic needs.  Special orders and container lots are available, call for delivery times and pricing.

2A 1.375X4X48 PAIR $330.00 each
2A 1.50X4X42 PAIR $350.00 each
2A 1.50X4X48 PAIR $380.00 each
2A 1.50X4X60 PAIR $450.00 each
2A 1.75X4X42 PAIR $380.00 each
2A 1.75X4X48 PAIR $420.00 each
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HAYSTIX® is an agricultural supply company with a focus on material handling. Established in 2001, HAYSTIX® is known for supplying quality parts to OEM, and distributors nation wide.


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