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4,000 Lb Universal Walk Through Frame w/48″ Forks, 4048-U448



The multi-function utility skid steer frame will attach to any tractor or skid steer with a universal or “Bobcat” style quick attach coupler. Easy ability for a cost effective solution into everyday material handling jobs.

General Features

  1. Walk through back allows easy entry to the cab of a skid steer.
  2. Slip resistant step.
  3. “See through” back for accurate load and tip location.
  4. Genuine ITA top rail for reliable performance and strength.
  5. Top coupler lip reinforced, .5” thick and lower coupler connection with kick out for improved roll back radius.
  6. Single form lower rail adds durability and overall rigidity.

Stocked with standard 48”, class 2, 4,000 lb. capacity forks. Other fork sizes are available.

  •  4048-UWT ( frame package only )
  •  4048-U442 ( 42” forks )
  •  4048-U448 ( 48” forks )

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