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Crosshole HAYSTIX

Our most popular series of spears, this square spear is offered in more than 20 different part numbers HAYSTIX® come in a variety of lengths and diameters designed to fit any application.

HAYSTIX Sub Categories

55SX, 1.75 X 55 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX,175 SLEEVE $105.00 each
137 items in stock
49SX, 1.75 X 49 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX,175 SLEEVE $95.00 each
31 items in stock
48SX, 1.625 X 48 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX,155 SLEEVE $90.00 each
128 items in stock
SM55SX, 1.75 X 55 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX $95.00 each
50 items in stock
SM49SX, 1.75 X 49 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX $85.00 each
124 items in stock
S48SX, 1.625 X 48 CROSSHOLE HAYSTIX $80.00 each
56 items in stock
39SS, 1.625 X 39 CROSSHOLE Hayspear,155 SLEEVE Login to see price.
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HAYSTIX® is an agricultural supply company with a focus on material handling. Established in 2001, HAYSTIX® is known for supplying quality parts to OEM, and distributors nation wide.


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